AML-CFT Training Programs

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AML-CFT Training Programs and Courses With the Help of Risk Insight Experts

AML-CFT training programs and courses are an important element of most AML-CFT laws and regulations. They require companies to have as part of their formalized AML-CFT compliance programs specific training programs and courses for appropriate or relevant employees.

AML-CFT training is one of the most important ways to stress the importance of AML-CFT efforts, as well as educating employees about what to do if they encounter potential money laundering. It also acts as an important control in the mitigation of money laundering risks to which the companies may be exposed.

Effective AML-CFT training programs and course should not only explain the relevant AML-CFT laws and regulations, but also cover the companies’ policies and procedures used to mitigate risks.

Risk Insight experts can develop and provide your company with focused AML-CFT training programs and courses apt to train all the employees that need to acquire a specific knowledge of AML.

The first step in designing effective training programs and courses is to identify the target audience.

All the employees of the company should receive training. In some countries, training programs include also contractors and consultants. Each group of individuals should be trained on AML-CFT topics and issues that are relevant to their work activities.

The next factor in designing an effective AML-CFT training program is identifying the topics to be taught. This will vary according to the company and the specific products or services it offers.

Several basic matters should be factored into training programs and courses:

  • General background and history of money laundering controls
  • Legal framework on what AML-CFT laws apply to companies and their employees
  • Penalties for AML-CFT violations, including criminal and civil penalties, fines, jail terms, as well as internal sanctions, such as disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment
  • Internal AML-CFT policies, such as customer identification and verification procedures and policies, including  basic customer due diligence (CDD), enhanced due diligence (EDD) and ongoing due diligence (ODD(.
  • Review of the internal AML-CFT program and sanctions risk assessments
  • Legal record-keeping requirements
  • Suspicious transaction monitoring and reporting requirements
  • Duties and accountability of employees
  • Maintaining confidentiality with AML-related matters
  • Real-life money laundering schemes

Any company needing to develop robust AML-CFT training programs or provide its personnel with standardized training courses should seek the external assistance of Risk Insight experts.

Risk Insight experts can develop and provide your company with a focused AML-CFT training program and courses apt to train all staff and comply with AML-CFT legal requirements.

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